Privacy Policy for Tap to Dive, APK 139

I collect data about gameplay events, such as how far the player got and what ended the game session. I am not doing anything with this information yet but the idea is to at some point try to improve the gameplay by learning about what happens in the game. I do not share data with third parties. If a player signs in to Google Play Games, that player’s achievements and high scores can be uploaded to Google and also read by the game along with a friends list to encourage players to beat their friends high scores.

The Android permission GET_ACCOUNTS is requested by Voxelbusters Cross Platform Native, a third party plugin for the Unity game engine, currently handling In App Purchases and high score reporting in Tap to Dive. Since the release of this APK it looks like they have removed that permission so I´m hopeful that it will no longer be requested after I update the game.

Alvar Pernroth,
Game Developer