Super Digestion Moose 1.31

Posted by   on Aug 21, 2014  in Developer log

1.31 is finally out with bug fixes, new food, new poop, a leaderboard and a few achievements. On iOS you can also get rid of the ads now with an in-app purchase for people who get annoyed by the ads.


It was a long wait for Apple to review the update, and then it was rejected because I needed to fix some things (add a restore purchase button for the IAP and remove the more games button). All in all it was a process of about 16 days to get the update out after sending the first version. Google Play is much faster, it takes like an hour, but the android update was much harder to make technically because of lots of conflicts between plugins in Unity. I really like that I can reply to the reviews on Google Play and fix issues fast but the ad revenue is much better on iOS.

I have gotten over 500 000 downloads in total now, most of them came on iOS in the days right after PewDiePie showed the game on his youtube channel before there was an android version out. Too bad it was not a paid app with the same amount of downloads! Also the game ended up at nr 1 in App Store in the Family and Action categories in a few countries for a few days. It was great to see it there, and also a bit sad when it dropped down as you can imagine.


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