SDM 1.20 | iOS vs Android | Revmob vs Chartboost

Posted by   on Jul 15, 2014  in Developer log
I updated Super Digestion Moose to 1.20 yesterday


First I uploaded the Android version to Google Play and it rolled out in about an hour after that. Pretty fast! I was really annoyed at first when I put the game on Google Play and you could not find it even if typing the exact name ‘Super Digestion Moose’. I would see it at number 55 in the list when scrolling down, but that seems to be fixed now. I also forgot my keystore password. Don’t do that, just DO NOT FORGET IT! I was afraid I was going to have to republish the game with another certificate, but eventually I managed to find it and write it down.



I uploaded it yesterday and now I am waiting for Apple to review it. It can take a few days so it is a bit frustrating. It looks like maybe they are trying to not get bad stuff out on the store, where Google lets bad stuff out and then act on it if people report it or something. When Apple starts reviewing the app/update it is pretty quick I think so it is probably just lying there waiting for someone to look at it now.


No more anti aliasing for the Android platform.

It looks like Unity and android are not friends regarding the anti aliasing. Even if I had it on a quality level that was not set in the game I got some strange black screens so I killed the high quality setting and re-labeled  ‘medium’ to  ‘high’.


Auto rotate screen.

If you flip the device around, the game will flip with the gyro.


Smoothed out falling speed.

It was a bit jerky sometimes, hopefully a bit more stable now.


Swapped from Revmob to Chartboost for the ads.

I was not very pleased with the revenue from Revmob (although the eCPM is slowly getting higher every day right now) so I decided to try and switch. Also the ads from Revmob were really jerky on a Galaxy S2 device I tested, being impossible to close sometimes and making the screen black sometimes. Maybe I did something wrong, I do not know but I had less problems with Chartboost for that phone.

It was easy to integrate both, but now the app wants a lot of new permissions on the Android platform from Chartboost. I´m afraid that some users might be scared off by these new permissions so I´m talking with Chartboost to try and figure out what the optional ones are for and maybe I can use fewer. Chartboost has a lot more settings and graphs so it will be interesting to learn about it. You set up your own campaigns for showing other peoples ads. Revmob seems to be easier to manage this way, but also more limited.

One scary thing about Chartboost is that I saw 8700 impressions for yesterday, Android platform, and when I checked again it was lowered to 5850, so I do not know if I can trust what I see in the statistics. Time will tell more about this and about revenue differences. Maybe I can do a blog post on this.


iPhone 4S version lost anti aliasing.

It was working well at 60 fps but I got some frame dips so I tried to make it easier on the phone by removing this. Perhaps something else was the problem, stuff needing to be pre-loaded in the engine or the phone doing other things in the background. I don’t know, but I´ll go with this for now.


Removed iOS 5 and 5.1 support.

I suspect the trouble with the game running on older devices was the ad support framework, but since I do not have like an iPad 1 to test on and suspect that the game would not run smoothly anyway i just removed the support. I might get back to it if I get a test device, but now I feel it is better to not have it out there and make people mad because they tried to install it and it would not run.